THATstudio Rental Options

Non-members rental by the hour:    $40/hour
includes entire 3 level modern suburban house with...
2 backdrop studios (white/black), 3 BR/glamour settings, backyard semi-private pond area, light triggers, 5 bins of fabrics, 2 closets of model clothing, plus various props

Studio strobes include Alien Bees (800, 1600), Newer, Pro + 2 500 LED banks, 1 double panel LED and 4 LED spots

also includes use of 4 sets of strobe transmitters

Member's options:
    Buy 10 hours for a calendar month for 300 = $30/hour  (save $100/month)
    Buy 5 hours for a calendar month for 175 = $35/hour (save $40/month)

Purchased hours can be used in any combination of shoot lengths. Member's photoshoot studio hours are usable in the calendar month in which they are bought and are not transferable to another month. If additional hours are needed, they can be bought at the same rate as those already purchased.

Non-member's studio reservations of any length (up to 4 hours) require a deposit of only $40, payable by Paypal.com to shotzcreatives@gmail.com, Photoshoots longer than 4 hours require an $80 deposit. This is subtracted from your shoot total and is refundable when cancellation occurs 48 hours or more before the photoshoot start time. Deposit is subtracted from your shoot total and is refundable when cancellation occurs 48 hours or more before the photoshoot starting time. Deposits for cancellations  less 48 hours prior to the start time, are not refunded.

Doug Kean of DOK Shotz Studios will be available for any professional or technical assistance that you may need during the time of your shoot session. Otherwise, shoot privacy is there when you want it.


     Though videography, during shoot time and/or during preparation, is a production option here, the photographer must have prior written permission from models/anyone who is filmed. This can be as a specific clause in your model release form or via a permission form from THATstudio, available through asking. 

      Prior written permission must also be obtained if/when a photographer brings as assistant or a any person other than themselves to a photoshoot.

      Both of these stipulations are for personal comfort and to maintain standard legalities for all who are involved in any production.

*Hot coffee, herbal tea, water (with or without lemon) is always available to quench your thirst or to energize you. during your shoot. Photographers and models also get energy drinks.*

As always, thanks for using my residential studios to create your very best shotz!

DOUG KEAN - DOK SHOTZ - 5717 Rio Pinos Rd NE - Rio Rancho, New Mexico 87144
shotzcreatives@gmail.com  703-477-4869